The Spanish Guardia Civil rescues three girls lost at night in Huelva, Andalusia

The Spanish Guardia Civil rescues three girls lost at night in the Donana natural area, in Huelva, Andalusia. Image: Mialcas/

The Guardia Civil have located three girls who were lost overnight after being disoriented in the natural area of ​​Donana, in Huelva, Andalusia.

Officers were alerted to the fate of three disoriented girls located somewhere inside the natural area of ​​Donana, between Matalascanas and Mazagon, the Guardia Civil confirmed on Sunday August 28.

After unsuccessful attempts to contact the children by telephone, the Guardia Civil finally managed to contact one of them so that she could describe the area and send the location with her mobile phone.

After sending the geolocation, the patrol conducted the search at the designated point which was already in darkness with little visibility.

After several minutes of walking, the officers chose to return to the vehicle, access not being possible due to the steep terrain and dense vegetation.

Officers were forced to bypass several dunes to access it.

After arriving at the point, officers were unable to see the children and deduced that the coordinates of the location had changed due to weak signal in the area.

After inspecting the ground, officers found new footprints and followed them screaming for a response. After about half an hour of walking, at midnight, officers heard the girls’ responses to the calls.

In the dark, they were guided to where the vehicle was parked and taken to Matalascanas, where they were on vacation.

Fortunately, medical assistance was not needed.

The Guardia Civil recommends a series of measures before going on a hike:

  • Install applications such as Alertcops on our mobile terminal to specify the location in the event of an emergency, trying as far as possible to activate the alert before nightfall. The darkness limits the effectiveness of the emergency services.
  • Start the route with a full mobile phone battery and carry an external battery for possible unforeseen events.
  • If you need to make a phone call and there is no signal, move to a high point or move across the terrain to search for a signal.
  • Always inform a family member or friend of the starting point of the route and the intended route.
  • Study the route on a map to get your bearings before setting off.
  • Take energy food and water, rationing them for the whole route.