The truth about King Felipe VI of Spain

In 2014, when Spain’s then-king Juan Carlos abdicated, experts speculated that he was trying to distract not only from himself for his alleged financial and related scandals, but also of her daughter, Cristina, and her husband, Iñaki Urdangarín, for theirs (via BBC News). Since 2012, Urdangarín had been under investigation for fraud and embezzlement of public funds for his personal use to the tune of millions of dollars. In 2018, Urdangarín was found guilty and sentenced to more than five years in prison, by El País.

Cristina was acquitted, but only by justice, meaning that during the investigation and the trial, her brother, King Felipe, stripped her of her noble title of duchess (via BNC News). He also specifically excluded her and her husband from the auspices of the royal family. But the scandals involving Cristina and Urdangarín continue to plague King Felipe.

In early 2022, the couple began to saturate the news cycle again when Lecturas, a Spanish tabloid, published photos suggesting Urdangarín had been unfaithful. Although Cristina initially hinted that she stood by Urdangarín, the two have since gone their separate ways, according to vanity lounge.