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BBC Weather: UK set for hot temperatures and dry conditions

On Saturday, the mercury in Kinlochewe, Scotland, jumped to 20.2C as the country prepared to welcome the long-awaited spring sunshine. Gorgeous weather could scale those dizzying heights again on Tuesday, with Met Office meteorologist Steven Keates predicting “well above average temperatures”. It will be as high as 20C in an area from London to Cambridgeshire, as well as parts of the West Midlands, North West England and North and West Wales.

It will be warmer than Spain and Greece, with the latest BBC weather forecast for Europe showing temperatures as low as 13C in popular holiday hotspots.

It will be a similar story for the UK on Wednesday, with temperatures of 20C in parts of the country, mainly London, central and western England and possibly even northern England. ‘Scotland.

Mr Keates told “Pleasantly warm will best describe the weather over the next few days – nothing too exceptional on the charts but well above average temperatures nonetheless.

“The highest figure is expected to be around 20C on Tuesday in an area from London to Cambridgeshire, as well as parts of the West Midlands, North West England and North and West England. Wales.

UK weather forecast: Britain will be warmer than Spain and Greece on Tuesday (Image: GETTY/NETWEATHER)

weather forecast united kingdom tuesday

UK weather forecast: Mercury will rise across the country on Tuesday (Image: NETWEATHER)

“Wednesday could also see 20C in a few places, again in central/west England, London area, possibly northern Scotland as well.”

Asked if Britons could enjoy the hottest day of the year so far, Mr Keates said: “It certainly can.

“We had 20.2C at Kinlochewe in the Highlands on Saturday, and temperatures in the region of that are possible on Tuesday and Wednesday.”

BBC meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker said “warmer currents” are rapidly heading north towards the UK from Portugal, Spain, the Mediterranean and northern Africa.

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UK weather forecast: Glorious weather to continue on Wednesday (Image: NETWEATHER)

Temperatures between the teens and up to 20C will be seen across the southern half of the UK, with the hottest weather felt in central and southern parts of England.

High pressure will still cover large parts of England on Thursday and although the mercury will drop a few degrees, ‘pleasant spring temperatures’ will be ‘widespread across the UK’.

Mr Schafernaker said: “As we move forward into the week ahead, that cooler air and atmosphere is being replaced by those warmer currents from the south.

“Actually, from Portugal, Spain, the Mediterranean and North Africa, things are going to really heat up.

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UK weather forecast: London will be warmer than Madrid and Barcelona on Tuesday (Image: BBC WEATHER)

“On Tuesday we see warmer air from the southern climbs and teenage highs and 20C will be more prevalent in the southern half of the UK.

“17C for Liverpool, 16C for Glasgow and that 20C is quite easily achieved in parts of central and southern England.

“Wednesday 19C or 20C is still possible,

“Thursday the high is centered over England and the North Sea – very little change and very light winds as well and again a very pleasant day.

“Temperatures probably won’t be as high, maybe 16C or 17C, but you get the picture with those pleasant spring temperatures widespread across the UK.”

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UK Weather Forecast: Highest Sunshine and Temperature Records (Picture: EXPRESS)

Netweather meteorologist Nick Finnis said tomorrow (Tuesday) will be generally warmer than Monday, with temperatures up to 20C in Scotland’s Moray Firth and parts of southeast England.

He said: “Mostly dry and sunny on Tuesday, although areas of bubbling and northerly drifting cloud may produce showers in the Midlands, northern England and southern Scotland in the afternoon.

“Most areas will however remain dry. Warmer than today in general, with temperatures reaching 19-20C in the Moray Firth in Scotland and parts of south-east England, otherwise well into 15 -18°C.

“Cooler along the North Sea coasts, particularly on the east coast of Scotland, thanks to the southeasterly breeze off the North Sea.”