Ukrainian women in Spain raise funds by making amigurumis

Dozens of Ukrainian refugees in Spain crochet doll To raise funds as well as to heal wounds. An initiative that is carried out in cities like Madrid, Galicia or Marbella, where they try together to respond to individual suffering.

work that serves as an escape to avoid the situation that their country is experiencing and So they had to flee. ,I took a bus to Madrid with 60 other women, many of whom were pregnant. I saw that an NGO was looking for Ukrainian women on Instagram to make these dolls and I called,” admits Kasia Galenkevich.

Like him, other refugee women in the country have also banded together.To make the amigumuri or crochet bear, Whose material is donated by an NGO. Olga Gamali explains: “I have already made these crochet dolls at home, in Ukraine. In this case, they were not for sale, but to my family.

compositions which has become an obsession, and is that even in the subway it can be seen with them. some very special dolls, and according to Japanese legend, they offer protection

Now they have orders all over the world, from Brazil to Australia to the United States. it’s for the money raised workers and materials The durable with which they make these dolls. An initiative that helps them. “I feel safe because I have little money,” says Olga.

A job that not only benefits them financially, but gives them their own personal space in those places where they can share time with people who are in a similar personal situation. Leave your country because of the war.

Undoubtedly, some bears have already become great symbols of solidarity.