US overtakes Algeria in gas supply to Spain

The geopolitical uncertainty, added to the tension and the fear of approaching a war in Europe, caused a reversal of the map of gas suppliers in Spainthus becoming our main supplier from the United States.

Last January, 34.6% of all the gas arriving in Spain came from that country, overtaking Algeria, traditionally our most important supplier. In just four months, The United States has doubled its weight in our gas market. In September, he held 16% of the quota and was far from Algeria, which provided almost half, or 46%.


For several weeks, there has been a massive arrival in Europe of LNG carriers from the American continent and this is the main reason why the price of this raw material has fallen considerably on the various markets which throughout December were very stressed, even reaching historic highs.

If the tension with Russia over its intentions vis-à-vis Ukraine is not appeased, the energy crisis that threatened to strangle the European economic recovery seems more bearable.

In recent weeks, meteorological factors have added to the increase in gas needs in Spain and it is that there has been a greater consumption of it to generate electricity. In January, very little wind blew and combined cycle power plants filled this void.. Compared to the same month of 2021, the contribution of gas in electricity production has doubled.


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