Viral from Spain, new bus mascot for Sabadell

Ushy gushing the bussi.

Spain has unveiled its new bus mascot – a colorful, dancing blob affectionately named ‘La Bussi’, or ‘Bussi’ to friends.

Transports Urbans de Sabadell revealed the great Bussi on Thursday as an attempt to raise awareness of the wonders of public transport, albeit with an unfortunate name.

The viral clip shows the mascot strutting around on a bus, before getting into some cha cha and some fancy footwork, in a stellar performance that I would definitely pay to watch live and in real life. Bussi also interacts with a nervous kid and dabs in the rain from a confetti cannon – get yourself an anthropomorphic bunny that can do both!

With pointed antennae and an enlarged map of bus stops taped to his stomach, TUS president Francisco López said Bussi “will serve to raise awareness among children and young people who take the buses”.

The name is a portmanteau of bus and the Spanish word for yes, ‘if’ – which TUS says sums up the spirit of the campaign – Bussi himself making appearances on special occasions as well as in the Sabadell children’s program.

Bussi was designed by Ariadna Lara, a student at the Escola Illa art school in Barcelona, ​​and was created by costume designer Lisa Boada.

I don’t get paid enough to delineate the full etymology of “bussy” online lingo, which comes from “boy pussy” and refers to the male anus. But I do enough to point out the obvious – how little time it took for La Bussi to go viral outside of Spain and permanently enter the dirty minds of internet gremlins around the world, without rent.

Long live La Bussi! Watch out Gritty, a new king has come for your crown.