Visordown is racing mini-bikes with Galfer in Spain!

MOTORCYCLE press launch trips are normally pretty fun affairs, although Galfer pushed the fun-o-meter up to 10 for the launch of its G-1310 racing brake pads. They gave us the chance to do mini bike races under the late evening Spanish sun.

And it was a smashing evening getting bikes out around the 1,450-meter outdoor circuit. And we had a whole host of mini bikes to choose from, with both 110cc mini supermotards and 160cc MiniGP bikes. Being a complete novice on both types of machine, I opted for the slightly less powerful supermotard machine for the initial warm-up session, mainly as it would allow me to get a feel for the layout of the track at a slightly higher speed slow.

With grooved racing tires, the little Supermoto Racing Help the machine felt quick in the corners but was a bit lacking in low-end torque and top-end power. Midrange was where it needed to be, though, with only three gears required around the fairly twisty track, you really had to stay in control of your shifts. I finished the session pretty exhausted, hot, sweaty and with a huge smile plastered on my face. I may not have been the fastest on track – I mean Marco Melandri was there too – although I improved throughout the session, happy to switch to the more powerful MiniGP bike for the big final!

Lined up at the back of the grid alongside the other MiniGP machine, we were signaled and I quickly gained a few places at the start. One of them was the other MiniGP rider, the other was Andy from galfer distributer Performance parts who ate his lines and stalled him on the line! The rest of the first lap was a bit manic, with the front five rapids jostling for position, and the rest of us fishing for scraps. With just me running near the front on my MiniGP machine. With only a handful of laps to go, I focus on the leaders and send three down the long straight. From there, I just have to pass the leader, although that’s easier said than done. He rides the Help Racing supermoto wheels, and really my only chance is to use the extra power of the 160cc machine and drag him along the straight. Lining up the move, I take the last possible peak, returning to the peak and past the lead bike.

Taking the first Visordown track win would have been great, although I admit I had some advantage over the other bikes on the track. With that in mind, I wasn’t too upset to see race control flagging the winner of the race of the top supermoto machines, effectively giving them a lap lead over the two riders on the MiniGP machines.

Visordown takes on the mini-bike race with Galfer

After the race it was big smiles all around. The adrenaline was still there hours after we left the bikes, and the two or so hours we spent on the circuit were truly some of the most enjoyable I’ve spent on two wheels.

Whether you like racing bikes or not, mini bike racing needs to be on your to-do list for 2022. It’s not only great fun, but it also teaches you a lot about riding bigger machines. and faster. From selecting braking points to selecting the best line in a bend; there is so much to learn while driving these great little machines!

Thanks to: Karting Sallent, Race Help, Pit-Bike rental CMGLMand Galfer for accompanying us.