What is the weather forecast for the rest of the winter in Spain?

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Precipitation will remain below normal except in the Mediterranean basin and the Canary Islands

February 2, the feast of Candlemas, is traditionally considered a decisive date for popular meteorology. If it rains, a few more wet winter weeks can be expected. If it is dry, it means winter is coming to an end.

Although February 2 is a hot day over much of the peninsula, unusually hot even in parts of the interior, Aemet’s predictions for the coming weeks do not match Candlemas tradition.

“After an extraordinarily dry month of January on the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, where an anticyclonic blockade, which does not seem to want to break, dominated, the lack of rain is starting to be felt with concern. Until the middle of the month, the rains will be below average, especially in Galicia, the Bay of Biscay and on much of the peninsular Atlantic slope,” said Aemet.

However, by the end of the month, some areas, including the Costa del Sol, will experience rain.

“For both the Mediterranean region and the Canary Islands, the maps indicate normal rainfall, with higher than normal rainfall during the third week on the coast of Castellón and in Valencia,” the agency said.

“None of the maps available with the latest updates show a marked climate change – Atlantic storms with generous rain and snowfall – over the next six weeks,” Aemet added.