What will happen in Spain?

There are two things that Netflix never gets tired of: creating good series and raising the prices of their subscription plans. The well-known streaming site has, once again, announced that it will increase the prices of all its charges. For now, this will only affect the United States and Canada. But if you see a neighbor’s beard trimmed…

The rate change will also come to Spain


The price increase will vary depending on the plan of the contract, but it will not exceed two dollars. Thus, in the United States, the subscription price of the standard plan increases from $1.50 to $15.49. In contrast, after a unit increase, the basic plan is $9.99 and the premium plan is more expensive, with $2 the biggest increase reaching $19.99.

The series didn’t pay for itself

Canadians were unaffected by Netflix’s decision. For now, the basic plan remains the same so far. Instead, the standard plan goes up to C$16.49, while the premium goes up to C$20.99.

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Rough draft

January 2022 Netflix premieres in Spain

Fee changes apply immediately to new subscribers. On the other hand, users who have already contracted tariffs with the platform will be notified in advance so that they can decide what to do: maintain the program, modify it or unsubscribe.

We constantly update prices to provide a variety of quality entertainment options

File Image: Netflix logo found at the company's office in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California July 16, 2018. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson/File Photo

Netflix Official Announcement

The price change isn’t too much, but it’s the second time since October 2020. Netflix has a history of raising prices, so this might not be the site that came into the world to offer quality content at a reasonable price. .

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Luis Federico Florio

Between price increases and advertising, sites are gaining ground

Netflix sent a statement to CNN in which it seeks to justify the price increase: “We are improving our prices to continue to provide a wide variety of quality entertainment options.” In other words, the biggest investment in the series will be made by the user.

Get ready for Spain

What happens in the United States and Canada will not stay in the United States and Canada. It won’t be in the short term, but prices will reach Spain and other parts of Europe. It is hard to imagine that Netflix has already this year increased its prices in October 2021; That is to say twelve months later than the swimming pool.

Look no further than the photo

Netflix’s large investment in content represents a price increase


This recent change in pricing policy has already drawn strong criticism from some users who have promised to change their plans or, more directly, to subscribe to other sites like HBO Max or Amazon Prime Video.

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