Which banks in Spain do not charge commission?

Which banks in Spain do not charge commission? image: CSIC

More and more bank customers have to pay commissions on their current accounts, amounts that also become more expensive over time.

Indeed, it is customers with fewer resources who most often have to pay to have an account opened in a bank since it is the unemployed who do not meet the conditions for having a payroll by direct debit, for example.

So much so that the National Institute of Statistics (INE) said that bank and postal fees had increased by 10.6% year-on-year since last November.

Additionally, a EWN reader who wishes to remain anonymous has contacted us to tell us about his experience with the Sabadell ‘Cuenta Relacion’ account.

On Christmas Eve, this reader logged into her Sabadell banking app to find that the bank had charged €210 for “interest and/or commissions” – without informing the customer.

Calling Sabadell customer service, she was then informed that she was unknowingly paying 80 cents for each transaction and being charged €50 per year. Instead of the bank taking those 80 cents at the end of each transaction, those 80 cents were taken all at once on Christmas Eve!

When this client turned 30, Sabadell Bank changed her account without notice and added this fee for each transaction.

To avoid paying commissions to banks, HelpMyCash has established a list of banking entities that have current accounts in which there are no commissions to be paid.

HelpMyCash says: “the ranking of the best accounts without commissions and without mandatory link is led by BBVA, Openbank and Abanca, although the offer is very wide and other entities such as imagin, Santander, Liberbank or N26, among others , also sell free accounts without payroll.

Here is the list of the best current accounts, without bank charges, offered by each bank for the year 2022:

  • BBVA online account: there are no commissions, the card and transfers are free and you just have to be a new customer and contract it online.
  • Openbank Open Current Account: it has no commissions, the card and the transfers are free and you only have to contract it online.
  • Clara de Abanca account: there are also no commissions, the card and transfers are free and you have to contract it online and operate online.

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