Young Leaders in Spain Challenged to Work Together in Mission Without Borders, Evangelical Focus

From October 7 to 9, took place in the Spanish city of Toledo, the In red meeting, a space where almost every year for the past decade, youth and ministry leaders meet face-to-face to network, and receive inspiration and support.

In red is organized by Alianza Joven (Youth Alliance), the youth ministry area of ​​the Spanish Evangelical Alliance (AEE),

This year, around 100 young leaders from all over Spain and many evangelical denominationsgathered to be renewed and motivated by what God has shared through known Spanish speakers like Itiel Arroyo, Alex Sampedro and Jaume Llenas.

Arroyo Talk about the importance of caring for a leader’s heart and the feeling of emptiness and loneliness that service in ministry can bring, encouraging leaders to fill their hearts with the presence of God and avoid the danger of filling that emptiness with other things.

Meanwhile, Sampedro was very difficult to reconsider essential keys that every leader must develop on a mission and the fundamental pillars of the Church in order to develop a healthy missionality.

Young leaders in Spain challenged to work together in mission without borders

In addition, throughout the morning of Sunday, llenas encouraged participants to detect the separation we make between the sacred and the profane in our life of faith and as a church, and offered ideas to correct this. Many ideas were based on the resource El gran abismo (The Great Divide, published by the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity).

Throughout the weekend, participants were seated in small groups around a table, to promote interaction between facilitators during meals, free time and evenings.

For the first time, In red closed with a special moment of prayer for Spainwhere each of the leaders could pray for his city, town, region…etc. on a large map, where the bare feet of each ruler symbolized this intercession to fulfill God’s mission and bring the kingdom of God to every place.

The the participants left very encouragedconvinced of the importance of such a gathering and eager to participate in next year’s edition.

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– Young leaders in Spain challenged to work together in a mission without borders